Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tutorial #2: The Walls of Perception.

In this tutorial I created a surreal portrait of Coulter. This are the images I used: 

f / 5.0
ISO 800

For this tutorial I first made a selection on the left half of Coulter's face and brought it onto a file of a nebula, with an ocean fading off into the "horizon". I then used the brush and pen tool to create a cross section of Coulter's head. The cross section had a rim around it that matched the colour of Coulter's head, while the main colour on the inside was red. I burnt around the rim of the head so it looked like a shadow had been cast on the inside of the head. I then added a two images, (a screw head and a hinge) and warped them so they fit the sides of coulters head. From that point on, all I did was composite different images in to the project. Once that was done I added a gradient fill to the project, and changed the blend mode. Then I burned/dodged everything in the image to make it fit together and add a little depth. 

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