Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tutorial #3: Purple Rain

For this tutorial I put Braeden in a dramatic rainy scene. Here are the photos I used:  

f / 9.0


ISO 6400

First thing I do in this tutorial is selectively burn and dodge Braeden so his features pop out of the photo. Then I added in the cloudy sky background and masked out some of Braeden so it looked like the clouds were enveloping him. I then added a splash of water with a screened out black background. I then warped the splash so it fit on Braedens shoulder naturally. I then screened in some rain drops and duplicated that layer 3 times. On the second layer I screened I added a motion blur to give the drops a sense of motion. On the third layer I gave the drops a radial blur and put the center of it on Braedens shoulder. I then added some more selective curves adjustments, a gradient overlay and a lens flare.

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